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Wounded Feminine Seeks Divine Feminine

Uncategorized Nov 24, 2019

Regardless of our gender, we are ALL created of masculine and feminine energy. When we take a deeper look we can see this “law” of nature in everything. The duality of the Feminine & Masculine nurtures everything in the world. This is a profound concept when we really take pause with it.

I have been taking pause with it these past few weeks as we have been exploring this topic. And, I am realizing how my wounded feminine has held me back from deeper more emotionally intimate relationships, by unconsciously leaning into my wounded masculine to help me cope with the fear of vulnerability. Can you see the racket that gets played out here? When one is out of balance it is inevitable the other will be as well. We have to recover to our Divine Feminine or Masculine to meet with the duality of the Divine Feminine & Masculine. One of the energies must recover to Divine in order for the other to recover as well.  How the hell do we do this???

We soul-dive. We have to go below the surface of our lives, into our feelings where our truth exists, and BE with those feelings…without the story. The story (that exists on the surface of our life) that gets wrapped around our feelings and distracts us from our feelings…and has us believe we are not safe, not good enough, a victim, unseen, not respected. This is not the truth. The truth is in the soul-dive where we simply get to be with our feelings and nothing more or less, just the feelings. We have to allow ourselves to be with them, instead of distracting ourselves with the story we make up to avoid the feelings, because actually, the story is far more dangerous and damaging.

Monica and I had a glorious day of reckoning! And, I am so proud of myself because in that day I allowed my Divine Feminine, where the power of vulnerability exists, take the lead in the expression of my feelings and desired outcome.  It took me a while to get there, and with deep gratitude for my partner, who stayed and reckoned with me, I got to a sweet vulnerable place of softening and invitation with Monica. We ended the day in tears and laughter and love. We both danced in confusion, seeking to understand and considering our feelings… We alchemized everything in the space (everything got to belong) and created MAGIC!

When you are feeling “out of sorts”, most likely you are separating from yourSelf, and it means it is time to soul-dive, and simply be with your feelings. From there you will be guided by your Divine Feminine to take the next step. Perhaps you will want to have a conversation with someone, take a risk, make a change, reach for something you never dared to…or take care of yourSelf in a way you never have before.

Your feelings are the revelations that will lead you back to your Divine Feminine & Masculine. The Divine Feminine & Masculine holds your truth.

Examples of the Wounded Feminine (when we are separating from Self)

  • She feels insecure and often looks to the outside world (surface living) for validation.
  • She can be critical and her loved ones may feel like they are walking on eggshells because they can’t do anything right in her eyes.
  • She is needy for attention and asks for validation insistently.
  • She tends to be manipulative and not honest with herSelf and others.
  • She lives in fear most of the time, not trusting herSelf or others.
  • She is desperate for love because romantic relationships define her, so she is always looking for the next relationship if she is not in one currently.
  • She feels victimized
  • She is a people pleaser, co-dependent, and puts everyone else before her Self, at the cost of her own happiness, fulfillment and peace.
  • She has no boundaries, and the world walks all over her.

Soul-diving is a transformational tool for self-reckoning, and is essential for healthy, deeply meaningful relationships. Once we are whole in our Divine Feminine & Masculine energies, we will be able to manifest more harmony out in the world. This is how we create change…and it begins with Self.

Always, more to be revealed…

Love & Gratitude,



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