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The Revelation Project offers an empowering perspective of YOU.  It's a revolutionary process created by TRP to reveal the very essence of who you are.

Have you ever truly felt seen as 

The Revelation Project offers an empowering perspective of YOU. It's a revolutionary process created by TRP to reveal the very essence of who you are.
This personal workshop is a multi layered experience.
The REVEAL YOU portrait shoot is a magical experience, and quite simply the most precious gift a woman can give herself.

As women, we have many aspects to ourselves that have incredible dimension and depth. However, we are not always in touch with those deeper aspects, and can’t always see ourselves clearly.

This 1/2 day adventure includes a pre and post interview process, a workshop photo session including hair & make-up, and one-on-one coaching to reveal the multidimensional YOU.

When you participate in the Reveal You Portrait Workshop the value is ongoing, and the revelations last a lifetime.


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I was the 8th and youngest child born to a US Army Major General and a 'traditional', southern belle, stay-at-home-mom.  They were conservative, right-wing, and Catholic, and from a very young age I knew I was very, very different.  I was one of only two girls in the family and was a little activist from early on.  I was sensitive and different and in my teens, rebellious and moody.  I knew I wanted to work with people and eventually wound up in Boston to get my MSW.  I worked in nonprofit for 15 years and burned out, and blessedly found the Coaches Training Institute in 2008.  Since then, I have worked as a personal and executive coach, psychotherapist, group leader, consultant, and several years ago I was chosen to lead for CTI.  I love my work—it is creative, energizing, fun, and intimate.  I love helping people tap into greater self-compassion, and to live fuller, more meaningful lives.

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What will you experience as a participant? 

Our Reveal YOU portrait workshop is POWERFUL. Our participants experience a major shift in their lives by partaking in this transformative experience. They have reported that the investment clarified and accelerated both their personal and professional lives infusing them with a sense of fulfillment, inspiration, and quantum-growth.  

Here is a glimpse into what you might expect: 

  • Our team of professionals surround you with love, pampering, laughter, safe space, and of course…cameras! If this terrifies you, it's ok! It's truly a nurturing experience and you will feel reassured within minutes of entering through our door on your special day.

  • We photograph most often on Fridays, so we ask that you pick a few dates that work for you, and we will try to book your workshop from one of your choices. Once booked, your coach will contact you with a pre-interview so we can get to know you a bit before your date.

  • When you show up to the site location, you will be welcomed into a safe supportive space where you are free to explore all of who you are and what wants to be revealed. You will get some pampering, meditation, and be guided through your shoot in a way that invites you to find freedom in your process of self-expression and self-discovery. You will be photographed by Kim Fuller; TRP's professional photographer.

  • Part of your project includes surrender. Once your images are chosen and edited, you'll share them within our community and with your own, via Facebook.

  • We'll conduct your post interview which will be housed on our blog and in our gallery.

  • Finally, we will invite you into a sisterhood of women who all share a similar but unique experience.

If you would like to see a gallery of our participants taken during their workshop:   Click Here. 

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The biggest challenges that I’ve faced as a woman are somewhat intertwined:
Learning to trust myself and my intuition – Ignoring “the inner voice” never ends well!
Creating harmony between the masculine and feminine energies of life – I spent the first 13 years of my career in highly masculine energy, overcorrected to feminine energy while recapturing it, and now finding the middle ground is still an ongoing journey. Embracing my full magnificence and power – Learning to embrace what is unique and amazing about me has been a process, for sure.  It has meant learning to let go of what other people think of me, owning my brilliance (both life experience and intuitive wisdom), and surrendering and letting go....

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