Remembering Sisterhood

A membership about remembering who we are as individual women and as sisters who are all equal parts of the whole.

A gathering of beautiful differences where all of us get to belong to ourselves and to each other. 

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Features of Your Monthly Sisterhood Membership

This is where we begin. For it is through the revelation of each woman that we initiate the revolution of human kind.

Monthly Themes

Find joy and discovery in each new topic that invites you to understand more of who you are and access your divine feminine birthright to create, intuit, connect, soul-dive and nurture your true Self. Plan on being in a rich learning environment filled with connection, magic, and authenticity. 


Explore tools and video content on practices such as positive self-talk, Intention setting, how to create boundaries, daring to dream, chakra clearing and more. Welcome visiting experts on topics that will deepen your awareness and receive access to gifts and surprises along the way. 


Women are meant to circle and learn from each other and many of us don't know how because we have struggled to survive the patriarchy without understanding that it was designed to separate us. Learn how to love and trust your sisters and heal the wounds of the distorted feminine. 

Why do we need to remember?

We have forgotten who we are. Layers of social conditioning while living inside the patriarchy have taught us to reject, shame, and neglect our birthright. We have forgotten how to connect to our feminine nature which is so desperately needed at this time in the world. We have forgotten that we are both human AND Divine and that our messy and our beautiful all gets to belong. This is an opportunity to create an inner world we want to cultivate in our outer world.

 It's about learning
who we are when:

  • We practice celebrating and witnessing one another and experience the joy of belonging to ourselves.
  • We know how to use the proper tools of self empowerment.
  • We feel connected to our desires and intentions.  
  • We use our voice and step into our power.
  • We are ready to reveal the radiance that is within us. 

You are born with a radiance and brilliance that is uniquely yours...

And that only you can bring the world. You have important ideas that the world needs to hear, and a voice that is all your own. 

When we show you how to align with your true voice,  your words will create worlds. 

You are part of the sacred web, and you are a bright light that needs to shine among us. 

This is YOUR time

The greatest gift we can give ourselves is the gift of awakening. Join us now and lock in our introductory pricing at just $39.00 per month.

Remembering Sisterhood Membership

Each month will be like entering a portal into a new dimension of self discovery + adventure.

Membership Features

  • Explore rich monthly topics with companion materials for download, book recommendations, journal prompts and more on subjects and concepts that offer wonder, curiosity, intrigue, duality, and more.  Examples:  
    • Masculine & Feminine 
    • Belonging and Separation
    • Truth and Illusion 
  • Gain access to special offers and "members only" content from The Revelation Project, including the first opportunity for admittance to our limited seating events and promotions. 
  • Entry to our private Facebook Group which is a sacred place to share and post your revelations, and contribute to conversations that resonate with you. 
  • Occasional Facebook Live Workshops.
  • 2 Monthly Group Coaching Calls.
  • Special monthly guests who offer their expertise on relevant topics to deepen self-awareness and activate deeper levels of understanding such as meditation, mindfulness, energy clearing, Chakra Balance, The Law of Attraction and much much more. 

Once you have completed your registration, we will send you an email invitation with more instruction + a link to access the facebook group.  We look forward to welcoming you into our expanding circle. 

Meet Your Guide:

Monica Rodgers 

I love teaching the tools of Self love & revelation.

Self love and revelation are the access points into everything magical and good. I always wondered what was missing, and why it was that I could not seem to find the keys to unlock the doors of abundance in my life.  Now, hardly a day goes by that I don't stand in amazement at all that was previously hidden from me.

You will stand in amazement too. Trust your Self, take the leap, and join us. 

You have nothing to lose, and everything to gain. 

Cancel your membership any time.

Join us for just $39.00 per month

"I'm in the Remembering Sisterhood Membership because I need the constant reminder to let this "stuff" into my life. Before now, I didn't give much thought to feeling my emotions, or being in touch with what's going on inside my Self. I just lived life not knowing what I didn't know. The Membership gives me reminders and without them, I'd forget to keep this in practice. Since joining, I've experienced so many incredible shifts. I've had access to so many amazing healers and educators who have backed up everything we have been learning in this group with science! For a former skeptic/cynic like me, that is so powerful. Thank you!!"

Liz A.

It's Time To Remember Who We Are

Now more than ever we need to create sacred spaces for wholeness, healing, story-telling and connection.

Sacred Circle

A group of women can constellate a Mother morphic field when we gather together in a sacred circle. We create a 'temenos,' which means 'sanctuary' in Greek. In a women's circle, every woman in the circle is herself and an aspect of every other woman there as well. There is no vertical hierarchy in a circle, and when a circle is a temenos, it is a safe place to tell the truth of our own feelings, perceptions, and experiences.

For a women's circle to work as a spiritual and psychological cauldron for change and growth, we need to see every woman in the circle as a sister who mirrors back to us reflections of ourselves. This means that whatever happened to her could have happened to us, that whatever she has felt or done is a possibility for us, that she is someone toward whom we feel neither superior nor inferior nor indifferent. These are not just concepts but the emotional reality that comes from listening to women tell the truth about their lives. Additional depth comes from the psychological awareness that strong reactions to another woman may occur because she represents something in ourselves that is psychologically charged; our reactions are not just about her but about us. Perhaps we can't stand her because she expresses experiences we have repressed; maybe we find her difficult because we react to her like we did to our personal mother or some other significant figure; maybe we are drawn to her because she embodies a potential in ourselves and the positive qualities we so admire in her are growing in us; maybe we avoid her because we fear our own addictions, dependency, or neediness. In this way, we are symbolic figures for each other that we need to understand as we would symbols in a personal dream.

-Jean Shinoda Bolen, Crossing to Avalon

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