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I'm Monica Rodgers and I'm Andrea Willets, and together we are disrupting the trance of unworthiness and guiding women to reveal the TRUTH of who we are.

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Life is a Revelation Project


Join us each week as we explore important topics, interview special guests, and share revelations that illuminate, heal, and remind us that we are both human and divine. 


Episode 01
What is the Revelation Project?

Enjoy our first episode in which Andrea interviews Monica about her darkest days before the dawn and takes us back to where The Revelation Project began.  

#shaman #healing #living #rebirth #therevelationproject #women 

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Episode 02
Vulnerability & the Fear of Exposure

In this podcast I share about the vulnerability hangover that takes me my storm when I realize how exposed I feel now that I'm telling my story on air. In it, I come to terms with the various fears I have of hurting someone I love or being misunderstood. In this episode, join me as I  struggle to honor all the parts of my Self in the face of new exposure. 

#exposurehangover #vulnerability #fear #childhoodtrauma #love #therevelationproject

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Episode 03
The Training Ground
& Social Conditioning 

The training ground is where we are raised and conditioned. Women especially are taught to become entranced in unworthiness by living on the surface of life. 

#society #conditioning #socialized #women #thervelationproject 

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Episode 04
The Importance of Boundaries 

Why are boundaries important and how can we use them to protect our vital energy and essence? 

#boundaries #flame  #justsayno  #therevelationproject #women 

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Episode 05
Revealing Spirit - Part One 

When we talk about who we are - what are we talking about exactly? How can we remember that we are both human and divine? 

#spirit #essence #source #God #void #knowing 

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