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About Us

Our Mission:

As women, we are born with a naturally powerful presence and knowing. Our birthright as the creative force of human life reinforces the legitimacy, necessity, and authority of our existence. Yet throughout history, women have consistently been positioned and treated as inferior. The worthiness of women has been diminished, yet without woman, humanity would be unsustainable.

The seemingly insurmountable gender programming we’ve been exposed to for generations goes deeper than this surface level tragedy. It’s been ingrained into the individual mindset of each baby girl born on this earth. Every one of our female ancestors, every one of us, every one of our daughters has been exposed to the patriarchal conditioning that though we are making progress toward reform, still runs rampant through the very veins that fuel society.

It’s only natural then, that women often feel unseen, unheard, and inconsequential. And these feelings lead to deeper symptoms of self-loathing: loneliness, overwhelm, numbness, inability to feel or make decisions, disproportionate reactions, shame, self-criticism, self-judgement, struggle. There is a disconnect between the Truth of our existence, the natural rhythm of the feminine, and who we are actually being in this life.

And yet we know there must be something more. We yearn for greater purpose and impact. We crave true Love, unknowing that we ARE love.

We are with you, sister. We too have been through the patriarchy. We too were conditioned to repel the feminine. The more spiritual, feminine, goddess-like, something is, we too were conditioned to dismiss it. Having been through the depths of our own personal hells, we came out the other side with the realization that isolation is silence. We must unify to heal and unite to transform. Because we too are still seekers. 

The Revelation Project is both an individual and holistic movement that lifts the barriers from everything that keeps women from being in love. We see you and bear witness to your life. We give your story a voice. We name your suffering and remind you of who you truly are. We guide you on the path to coming home to your Self, and teach you how to use your own navigation to get there. We give you the tools to reconnect and reorient yourself to your Self and then change your self-perception. We activate the divinity that is you. And knowing that the Divine is love, when you are finally in love, you are in revelation. This is where we begin. For it is through the revelation of each woman that we then initiate the Revolution of humankind.



Certified Professional Co-Active Coach, Truth Teller, Soul-Seeker 

Monica Rodgers is a unfatigable advocate for the full actualization of Women. She is a champion for advancing consciousness and personal accountability while dismantling the patriarchy and healing both the wounded masculine and feminine in our culture. 

With over 25+ years of experience in healing modalities, leadership and Co-Active Coaching, she also has a wealth of experience as a writer, blogger, entrepreneur, and consultant. 

She is also the founder of Little Bits by Monica Rodgers and The Earth Savers Gang Story Book Series and has been featured in InStyle Magazine, The New York Times, and on The Today Show. 



Social Artist, Co-Active Coach & Leader, Truth-Seeker

Andrea Willets has a long history with deeply tapped roots touching the lives of a multitude of Women. She is the owner of Voice of My Life, Coaching and Leadership Development.

She has been coaching women and couples, facilitates Board of Directors for non-profits, and facilitates team retreats. Andrea is also a social artist and performs a traveling one-woman show called Sorry, No More! 

Andrea is a Certified Master Coach and Leadership graduate through Co-Active Training Institute (CTI). She is also trained in Organizational Relationship Systems (ORSC) by the Center for Right Relationship, and is recognized as a certified coach by The International Coaching Federation (ICF). Andrea is a Key Note Speaker on Women’s issues, with particular focus on How to Stop Apologizing for Your Life.


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