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Revealing the T.R.U.T.H™ of Who You Are

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Do you long for more transparency and authenticity in your life?

(With friends, co-workers, significant others, family members, partners…)

Are you tired of pretending?

(Pretending to be fine, busy, happy, capable, fulfilled, or to be someone you’re not… )

Are you curious to REVEAL the true YOU
& discover a sisterhood of support and celebration?

(and gather for many fun and revealing experiences including a hysterical DARE-TO-WEAR dinner party, dressed as a part of your SELF you rarely reveal…?)


TRP is committed to witnessing the ONE, UNIQUE, WILD & PRECIOUS YOU.

Allow us to guide you to your personal T.R.U.T.H.™ while learning to explore and reveal your UNIQUE gifts.
Experience your full Wing-span, and fly!

Your Personal T.R.U.T.H. ™

TRP’s method of personal T.R.U.T.H. ™ will help you reveal the hidden patterns that keep you from actualizing your deepest self.

Join us and experience a weekend of truth telling as we guide you in meditation, journaling, conversations & revealing exercises designed to explore your body’s wisdom & your honest self. You’ll challenge the ways you’ve been culturally conditioned to behave, and you’ll unlock the door to dreams, desires and relationships that have formerly been hidden and elusive.


Unlearn what you’ve been taught to believe and explore new perspectives of what it means to be a woman in todays culture.

No matter where you are on your path of personal growth, our proven method will guide you to revealing and accessing more freedom and insight.

Let go of chronic anxiety and stress through the art and practice of THE REVELATION PROJECT and 
shift from confusion and overwhelm to learning how to trust the world as it reveals your next step.

Experience the natural flow of well-being that arises when you open your heart and access your emotional intelligence (which most women were taught to invalidate and shut down)

Learn how to celebrate your unique genius and establish a supportive circle of support with women who want to practice this work.

Join us in T.R.U.T.H.™ and access the deep reservoir of insights, ideas, & wisdom you've been gathering throughout your life and begin the process of revealing new possibilities as you explore how they might be applied in your personal life, your community, and beyond.

Our Bold Claim:

Since 2010, we at the Revelation Project have witnessed women transform their beliefs about what is possible for their lives. During our workshops, we've watched women emerge and literally "come to life" as we've held them in brave conversations at the edge of their comfort zone.

Through our refined techniques, co-active coaching, and an incredible dedication to process, we turn an intimate lens towards each woman who joins us so she may witness her own unique strength and beauty and become reacquainted with the innate wisdom of her soul. We believe that what gets revealed gets healed.

"I am standing at my kitchen counter ready for my personal hurricane to wake and for us both to face the day together. As life would have it, I had multiple opportunities to sit in the eye of the storm yesterday and did exactly that. I am so thankful that each of you women stood up in your lives instead of standing down. I am so thankful that you each saw the light in each other and the spiritual power your coming together could have. I am so thankful that I was able to sit in a circle of women and experience vulnerability and courage in such a human and raw way. Thank you to each of your beautiful hearts. I promise to practice in my personal rapture and remember that I am fully encircled by love and support. "

Heidi Bailey

"The accommodations were amazing and I was gifted with awesome bedroom with gorgeous king bed & a bathtub! The food was delicious and the activities and workshop material were mind-blowing- the setting in Maine was perfection! TRP is all about revealing the truth you hold inside- and the experience is something I’ll never forget. Closing circle SO. Beautiful. You are all soul sisters from another Mother! The welcome gifts, rock, essence, journal, and other gifts were amazing surprises and so thoughtful."


"This weekend was one of revival. Instead of fault, I found ownership, the art of vulnerability, and trusting myself again. The sisterhood is filled with self expression, non-judgement and laughter and provides amazing revelations of the heart, soul, and mind. The moment I arrived with my fears I left them and other preconceptions at the door. I was invited into the R.A.W., the real and the imperfect. I feel so light and lifted, and a little bit scared but ready. The house, rooms, food, & treats, were over the top and loved everything, but what made this journey complete was the incredible guidance of Andrea, Kim and Monica. The retreat content, loving and safe created so much trust, and offered the perfect environment to explore, seek and grow. I found love and learned something from every woman, and most importantly, I learned what authenticity really is. Monica, Kim and Andrea- don't change a thing, just continue this amazing work bringing trust and possibility to life. Please think about expanding your programs for Mothers and Daughters, and Teens! You are brilliant f*cking Women!"

Deb M

"Excellent workshop ladies.. congrats! Content was 4 stars. Food and accommodations 4 stars, the leadership, compassion, concern and love provided by each coach blew my mind. Each of you have a gift. I have no doubt that this project will continue to grow as more women get revealed. The schedule of workshops/events, and ability to remain on time the entire weekend, while also respecting all of our time was greatly appreciated and no easy task- amazing! What could be improved? Honestly I can not think of anything that I would change that would have made the program more inspiring or healing for me. The Best part for me was the circle at the end, and the meditation stories. I've never been able to meditate and I loved it so much. I will take this forward! Each of you are 1st class! Thank you for all that you do! "


The Lasting Impact of This Program:

  • A deep knowing of your personal truth.
  • A connection to your body and the wisdom it holds.
  • The T.R.U.T.H ™ method that can be used again and again to REVEAL and release self-limiting beliefs that hold you back from living in alignment with your truth.
  • Tools to get grounded and centered each day.
  • Living in alignment as a result of revealing the truth of your being.
  • A sisterhood of support and celebration.
  • An inner confidence to authentically express yourself clearly and without apology.
  • Revelations that will last a lifetime.


If you have additional questions about the retreat, please contact us at:

Monica & Andrea
[email protected]

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About Us

Monica Rodgers, & Andrea Willets are co-active partners and have worked exclusively with Women for The Revelation Project (TRP) since 2011.  

We have witnessed Women transform their beliefs about what is possible in their lives. We've watched them emerge and literally "come to life" through our transformative workshops, retreats, and personal coaching services and digital courses. 

We are fun, magical and deeply intuitive. Our mission is to disrupt your trance of unworthiness and help you bust the myths you've been taught to believe, and to guide you to reveal the TRUTH of who you are. 

About Monica

Monica Rodgers, CPCC: Founder: The Revelation Project; Transformative Workshops & Revelation Coaching for Women. 

Monica Rodgers is a dedicated  advocate for the full actualization of Women. She is a tireless advocate for advancing consciousness and personal accountability while dismantling the patriarchy and healing both the wounded masculine and feminine in our culture. 

With over 25+ years of experience in healing modalities, leadership and Co-Active Coaching, she also has a wealth of experience as a writer, blogger, entrepreneur, and consultant. 

Monica is the founder of Little Bits by Monica Rodgers, The Earth Savers Gang Story Book Series, The Revelation Project, Loving Yourself Well Digital Programs for Women, & Revelation Coaching.

Monica has been featured in InStyle Magazine, The New York Times, and on The Today Show. 

About Andrea

Andrea Willets, CPCC: Certified Professional Co-Active Coach, Willets has a long history with deeply tapped roots touching the lives of a multitude of Women. Owner of Voice of My Life, Coaching and Leadership Development, and Co-Founder of Revelation Media & the Revewlation Project, LLC. Andrea is a social artist as well and performs a traveling one-woman show called “Sorry, No More!”. She has been coaching women and couples, facilitates BOD for non profits and team facilitates retreats for the past 13 years.

Andrea received her coaching certification through Coaches Training Institute (CTI), and is a Leadership Graduate of CTI as well, trained in Organizational Relationship Systems (ORSC) by Center for Right Relationship, and is a recognized certified coach by The International Coaching Federation (ICF).

Andrea is a Key Note Speaker on Women’s issues, with particular focus on, “How to stop apologizing for your life”.

Andrea designs and facilitates workshops and retreats for organizations, non profits, and women’s groups.


Revealing the T.R.U.T.H of Who You Are


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