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An online program designed for women who want to go from self-loathing to self-loving at their own pace. 

Join us and reveal what has been hidden.

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For a woman to love herself in a world that has trained her not to,  is a radical act.

In a patriarchal society a woman splits from her feminine wisdom at an early age in exchange for love and belonging. Often our own mothers, or female caregivers, are unable to assist us, as they too have been part of the system for generations. This creates an unconscious and perpetual generational wound that goes unrevealed and unhealed.

From Self Loathing to Self Loving

Most of us are unaware of the fact that we are deeply unhappy and anxious about ourselves. 

The symptoms might include the following:

  • You are not dreaming anymore, or have lost your desire for things you once loved.
  • You have relationships with people who repeatedly hurt you either emotionally, mentally or physically.
  • Many would consider you accomplished and successful, but you don't feel it.
  • You are self critical and often find yourself comparing yourself to others, or you are worried about what others may think if they knew the "real" you. 
  • You often feel lonely, even when you are with others. 
  • You have a habit of putting yourself last. 
  • You often feel scattered overwhelmed, and ungrounded. 
  • You struggle with your health, are often run down, and get sick a lot. 
  • You under-eat, over-eat, or physically neglect yourself. 
  • You often numb out and don't let yourself get "emotional" 

It's difficult to find peace 

  • You feel lost, stuck or without direction or purpose. 
  • You are tough on yourself.
  • You rarely ask anyone for help.  
  • You experience shallow breathing.
  • You are sad and don't know why. 
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Tools to Last a Lifetime

The life tools we offer are effective and transformative.
You'll be able to practice using them in your own life for as long as you live.

  • The Loving Yourself Well curriculum includes 12 modules of video content to explore each week at your own pace. Printable companion PDFs will be available to download along with journal prompts.

  • You'll be able to ask questions in the learning platform and are welcome to share your insights and revelations with other women who are taking this course and practicing this work.  

  • Once you have registered, you will receive an email confirmation along with instructions for beginning your course. 

  • You will have access to the course for an entire year and will be able to receive free updates, revisions and bonus materials as we continue to build the foundation of this work. 

  • As a bonus, you are welcome to join our free Facebook group, The Revelation Project Salon, which is filled with a wonderful community of women who have followed us over the years and several who have completed our programs and love to stay in touch with one another. 

By the time we reach adulthood, most women have experienced the complex and frustrating world of double standards, expectations, self-doubt, & alienation. Tragically, we are unable to see the narrative of the culture at play dictating the impossible standards that we must live up to and it's impact over time that slowly erodes our sense of self.  

There is a clarion call happening in the world for women to begin the process of reclamation, revealing and healing. NOW is the time for women to awaken from the trance to reveal a life of infinite love, laughter and abundance. When we fully step into our own lives, we alter the lives of all of those around us for the better. 

I'm ready to love myself well

"I am not sure what the best part of this course was: the entertaining video lessons, the provocative and eye-opening assignments, the magic that happened during the coaching calls, the camaraderie among the sisterhood, or the humor and love that Andrea and Monica deployed continually. I cannot stress enough how important I believe it is for women to connect on this level, both with each other and with ourselves. I will continue to revisit the soul work we did in this class, and I hope to be part of this community for a long time to come. "

Susie G.

"I love the Sorry No More module!! I am a chronic apologizer. I am always trying to make others comfortable. I wrote a long list of my rights! You were correct, Monica & Andrea, once I began to notice where I wanted to assert my rights, they all came out and are still coming. "

Deidre W.

"Loving Yourself Well has been such an eye opening experience. Monica and Andrea are fantastic facilitators and have a true bond. What I noticed is that I've never had authentic friendships, I had never seen it modeled between women before now. I love all of the women in my course and know we will build a lasting sisterhood."


"I am happy. I am complete. I am grateful. I have so enjoyed traveling on this journey with all of you wonderful and courageous women! I loved hearing your shares, loved getting to know each of you. I appreciate all of us individually for our differences and our similarities. I loved your share at the end Monica, it was the bonus session that reflected what is possible from doing this work and how it not only impacts our immediate relationships, but generations. "

Erica B.

"Fighting cancer made me realize how much I've been living with fear and scarcity which ends up being a very lonely road in life. After the diagnosis I realized that something had to change. Through this work, I've been able to know the difference between giving and receiving and how both need to be in balance! It is wonderful to give but now it's time to also receive! This has been such a healing journey! "

Chris M.

"I loved today's call, hearing what everyone is declaring for their new vision of themselves. While listening I realized how many parts of myself I've been denying. I often lose my lightness, my spirit, my daydreaming self - and that's a big part of who I am. My practical self and my fixer self are useful, and necessary, but she can't take over all the time. I want to access these other parts of myself now that they have been revealed."

Dominica J.

"I had just been diagnosed with Cancer when I signed up for this class and it has rocked my world and led me back to health. This course has really helped me check in mentally-about what it is to really loving myself well. Until now, I had no idea what that even meant or how to do it. Each week I've now practicing as i'm learning skills and implementing them into my Life. I'm being pushed into new directions that I've never dreamed and because of this course I'm seeing something really important. I have always pushed myself so hard in life, a bit of an anal retentive perfectionist and I expect a lot of myself (too much). I help everyone else and then push myself to get everything done and many times ignore my own needs and desires- hell many times I haven't even know what my needs and desires are... and yet, now not only am I'm starting to be aware, I'm actually making changes that have completely shifted how I live, work and parent. If you are anything like me, just do it! You will not regret the investment and it will give back to you in ways you can't even imagine! "

Claire S.

Your Instructors and Mentors:

Monica Rodgers and Andrea Willets have been transforming the lives of women by helping to reveal the hidden cultural system that has been holding us back from living in alignment with the truth. We are proud to be able to offer our teachings online so that we can help women all over the world shift into a life of abundance, full self-expression, and soul-filled living. It's time for us to RISE and awaken to the role of the divine feminine in our lives, because our time has come to create a better world for all. We would be honored if you would join us.

We Call Our Process

from revelation to revolution


Learn how to claim space, set intentions, and listen in to the messages of your body. 


Surface the TRUTH of your experience and explore tools that help you practice honoring what you know to BE true. 


Gain insights that help you discern your truth and shed layers of social conditioning, lies, self-limiting beliefs and more. 


Take back your power and practice claiming a new way of being. Declare your desire and learn how to bring them to life. Practice finding your way home to self in any situation and stay grounded and embodied. 



There's a narrative that needs to shift and a new story line to reveal. Learn how to bust the myths that have kept you small and voiceless and narrate the next chapter of your lived story from the voice of your true self. 


Reclaim the parts of yourself you abandoned along the way and practice celebrating your new discoveries. Don't be surprised if you start finding levity, laughter, and love everywhere you look. 


Who are you now? You have revealed your TRUE self and it feels as though years of stress and confusion have melted off of you. It's time to activate your truth in the world, and be amazed at what you are now capable of manifesting. 

This Path Requires Courage & Curiosity

We ask you to dig deep and honor your SELF in ways that might feel foreign at first, but you are not alone. We have traveled with many women through this experience and they have completed our program as fast friends with a deep love and appreciation for the content, the sisterhood and the ongoing practice. 

We provide guidance, courageous and confidential space, as well as a wealth of experience working with women from all walks of life. 

We will be beside you on this path to help you get back home, but ultimately deliver you back to your true self (the one you were meant to become before the world tried to change you). 

Prepare for a magical journey with revealing and healing results. 

"I'm giving myself permission to know that this is what life looks like when everything is realigning in order to better serve me moving forward, vs. abusing myself about why life feels chaotic and daunting and reverting into critical thoughts and commentary. I am finding reasons every day to celebrate myself, make space for myself, and as a result my anxiety has evaporated. I feel like a new woman. "

Marcy Statford

"I am a pleaser and like to make sure everyone is happy, except what i've learned is that I am the one that ends up being unhappy and what it costs everyone! Last week I dared to have a difficult conversation with my beloved Aunt whom I decided not to visit for our vacation. I was so nervous about how she would react so I was honest and told her I was afraid of disappointing her. After I told her she said she understood! Not only that- but when I spoke with her a day later, she THANKED ME, for my honesty and transparency with her. She said she really appreciated it! WOW! Then I thanked her for thanking me! It was a big ol' love fest! I have so much more ease communicating difficult things and choosing my well being first as a result of doing this work with Monica and Andrea. I am so grateful! "

Laura R.

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