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01 What is The Revelation Project?

Welcome to The Revelation Project Podcast!

The Revelation Project was designed to disrupt the trance of unworthiness and reveal conversations that foster connection, healing, humor, and self-actualized love for the women of our planet (we aim to enroll men that are curious about changing the status quo as well!).

In addition, The Revelation Project podcast will host thoughtful interviews with other change-making humans who offer compelling perspectives and new narratives that move us away from traditional patriarchal influences and towards accelerated consciousness, ultimately shaking up old paradigms and waking up new insights.

Each week we hope you enjoy inspiring topics that un-pack deeper truths, and reveal the hidden gifts beneath the surface of everyday living. Soul-dive with us into vulnerable and courageous topics to reveal the animated spirit of our lives, and witness the revelations that bring meaning and healing toward the integration of the masculine and the...

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If We Can't See It, We Can't Be It: Teaching Women to Self- Love.

To build a sense of trust with myself, I had to learn to connect to the deeper parts of my TRUE Self, even the aspects of myself I did not always "like".

I used to call my  practice  "Radical Acceptance" because to love myself well in a world that had trained me not to seemed just that, a radical act which felt deeply foreign. Loving myself went against how I was socialized, which was to disconnect from, abandon, objectify, criticize and deprecate myself.

As a woman,  I was used to gathering with other women and I had many friends, but what seemed to bond us most often was our collective suffering or our complaints. We would find the talking points that put us on equal ground (equally miserable!) or  air our collective grievances about what wasn't working in our lives, or worse, put on a facade about what was. Basically a collective stitch and bitch, or a show, putting a smile on our faces when we felt anything but content or happy. I noticed that what we...

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Learning To Trust Yourself.

Think of all the fairytales we grew up with where the central female character is always rescued from danger through a force larger and stronger than herself.  

From a young age we read or watch programs or consume images in our likeness who are very limited in their character roles. Some will be married to a handsome prince, some rescued from towers, some warned about the dangers of eating apples or straying off wooded paths.  Our character choices are most often limited to innocence-lost, princess, step-mother, fairy -godmother or witch. 

While modern fairytales and stories have worked to change these narratives, there is still much work to be done. 

If women are going rise into positions of leadership throughout the world  then we must be diligent in understanding and decoding the messages that are still rampant across our culture that objectify, undermine and shame us into the trance of unworthiness. 

Instead we must begin...

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