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Podcast Episode 07 What is Love?

Love means different things to different people, but love is an essential pillar of our relationships.

It turns out that when Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines love, it mostly defines sexual romantic love or "to feel something more than like". But for us, we want to take a deep dive into the different types of love that we experience.

How are you loving and how are you being loved? If you ask yourself this question, much will be revealed.

On today's episode, we talk about love languages and how we give and receive love.  We talk about love for friends, romantic love, the fluidity of love as an energy and much more.

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Podcast Episode 06 Revealing Spirit - Pt. 2

When it comes to Spirit and the many ways we relate to, and express our spirituality, there is much to talk about and reveal. 

If you haven't listened to the last episode on Revealing Spirit Pt. 1, then we encourage you to do that.

In this episode , we continue with our discussion on soul-diving and what is required for us to dive into the unknown and live below the surface of our lives. We talk about reframing and reinterpreting our tension and suffering as invitations and access points to discover personal truth, the balancing of masculine and feminine energies, breaking away from societal expectations and so much more.

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Podcast Episode 05 Revealing Spirit - Pt. 1

Today's episode is about revealing spirit.

We talk about the religious and spiritual backgrounds that we grew up with, and how we've re-found a different sense of spirituality as adults. What type of religious and spiritual background did you grow up with?

This show is about recognizing what spirituality is, how and why to let go of the ego, finding the divine, the relationship between gender and spirituality and more.

And in celebration of our podcast launch, Andrea and I would like to extend a special offer for $100 off our Loving Yourself Well e-course. Please go to and enter PODCAST100 at the checkout.

"I had to almost lose my life to choose my life." - Monica Rodgers

Show Notes:

  • What is the trance of unworthiness
  • What religious background did you grow up with?
  • Why we personify God as male
  • What is spirituality
  • How shadows work
  • What...
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The Tension Between Separation And Belonging.

What is the opposite of belonging, is it loneliness or is it separation?

The Revelation Project has had much conversation about this and we have chosen to frame it by using  the tension between Separation & Belonging.

When we refer to tension,” we are speaking to the energetic polarity between the two, which actually guarantees the reality of separation and belonging. In other words, one cannot exist without the other. If there was no contrast, then we would have nothing to push up against for comparison. Without light there is no darkness, and without darkness there is no light. To take you further into the distinction, we are choosing separation as the opposite of belonging because it is the neutral/natural opposite.

Separation is not good or bad, it simply means a separation between one thing and another.  Likewise, belonging is not good or bad, it simply means, being a part of something. Whereas, loneliness leans into a human...

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Podcast Episode 04 The Importance of Boundaries

Today, we're talking about the art of setting boundaries.

Boundaries are at the heart of self love. When we set up healthy boundaries, we are respecting ourselves and showing everyone else how to be in relationship with us.

On today's show, we talk about what boundaries are, why intolerance and passive aggressiveness are clues that a person needs better boundaries, how our family illuminates our relationship with boundaries, and so much more.

And in celebration of our podcast launch, Andrea and I would like to extend a special offer for $100 off our Loving Yourself Well e-course. Please go to and enter PODCAST100 at the checkout.

"If I'm withholding and not saying how I'm feeling then I'm actually jeopardizing not just my own integrity but the integrity of the relationship too.” - Andrea Willets

Show Notes:

  • What are...
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Podcast Episode 03 The Training Ground of Social Conditioning

We're so excited to talk all about "the training ground" on today's episode of The Revelation Project.

The training ground is another way to talk about how we were all raised or socialized as children and adolescence. Women especially are taught to become entranced in unworthiness by living on the surface of life. In order to heal, we must be aware of how we were consciously or unconsciously taught to behave in the world. Does what we learned during "the training ground" serve us to be our best selves today?

On today's episode, we go deeper into what the training ground is, our desire to belong, how we place gendered expectations on ourselves, the stories we tell ourselves that are not true, and much more.

We hope you enjoy the episode!

"Often as humans, we need to belong. We want to belong. We want to be loved. We want to know that we're enough and that...

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The Ache Of Desire & The TRUTH of Who I AM Without A Partner

I have been in Desire since my divorce 15 years ago. My Desire has been around creating conscious relationships with Self & Other. 

I was emotionally severed from my partner; so lonely, so tired, so flat in my daily existence with him that it felt like I was literally dying a slow death.

Today my desire is ongoing, an unfulfilled quest. Some would say,

“Poor dear, can’t find her true love, if only…who can we find for her...hmm maybe she needs therapy…”

Look into the window of my soul, there is no sorry me, there is only a woman filled with a burning desire that will never allow her to abandon Self, her knowing of Self, her truth.

Knowing her ignites Desire. She wakes my wildish knowing, my aching heart is aching with Desire.

I slog through rivers of mud, fire swept forests, heavens hurling stones that pelt my bruising muscle, but I don’t stop, yearning for the One, the One who will meet me. Never will I retreat from my...

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Podcast Episode 02 Vulnerability & Fear of Exposure

Welcome to episode 02 of The Revelation Project.

Today on the show, our co-host Monica will be talking about her recent "vulnerability hangover." She describes her dismay when it dawns on her that she wont be able to hide as much now that the podcast is live. She struggles to honor all the parts of herself in the face of overexposure, and shares what came up for her in this podcast launch and how her "mess became her message." 

We talk about why knowing your truth is important, what you can learn from difficult situations, how to show up authentically and much more. 

We hope you enjoy the show!

“So much of my past and history has actually so many disguised gifts that were traumatic frankly.” - Monica Rodgers

"How do I show up authentically with all of me? And be able to share all of me without offending someone along the way?" -...
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Podcast Episode 01 What is The Revelation Project?

Welcome to The Revelation Project Podcast!

The Revelation Project was designed to disrupt the trance of unworthiness and reveal conversations that foster connection, healing, humor, and self-actualized love for the women of our planet (we aim to enroll men that are curious about changing the status quo as well!).

In addition, The Revelation Project podcast will host thoughtful interviews with other change-making humans who offer compelling perspectives and new narratives that move us away from traditional patriarchal influences and towards accelerated consciousness, ultimately shaking up old paradigms and waking up new insights.

Each week we hope you enjoy inspiring topics that un-pack deeper truths, and reveal the hidden gifts beneath the surface of everyday living. Soul-dive with us into vulnerable and courageous topics to reveal the animated spirit of our lives, and witness the revelations that bring meaning and healing toward the integration of the masculine and the...

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Wounded Feminine Seeks Divine Feminine

Regardless of our gender, we are ALL created of masculine and feminine energy. When we take a deeper look we can see this “law” of nature in everything. The duality of the Feminine & Masculine nurtures everything in the world. This is a profound concept when we really take pause with it.

I have been taking pause with it these past few weeks as we have been exploring this topic. And, I am realizing how my wounded feminine has held me back from deeper more emotionally intimate relationships, by unconsciously leaning into my wounded masculine to help me cope with the fear of vulnerability. Can you see the racket that gets played out here? When one is out of balance it is inevitable the other will be as well. We have to recover to our Divine Feminine or Masculine to meet with the duality of the Divine Feminine & Masculine. One of the energies must recover to Divine in order for the other to recover as well.  How the hell do we do this???

We soul-dive. We have to...

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