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Podcast Episode 15 Kim Fuller: Born to Rise and the Power of Personal Story

Meet Kim Fuller:  Photographer, Artist, Buddhist, Mother, and Story-teller. 
You are in for a special treat today in hearing from one of the most compassionate and dedicated women I've had the pleasure of knowing.
Kim is the founder of BORN to RISE™ a movement that brings forth the feminine energy of compassion, empathy, courage and expansion through communitystory sharing and creativity. Her mission is to amplify our personal stories so that we can inspire, educate, and empower each other to be the greatest versions of ourselves and to co-create a culture of love and acceptance for ALL.
Join us as she shares her own story about meeting the Dali Lama, adopting her son, and what it took to finally love herself. 

"Bringing love and compassion to my Self was the hardest part of my life’s work.” - Kim Fuller 

Show Notes:

  • Mind / Body Connection: How does the human body work and how does it influence our actions. 
  • The gift of exploring your visual story.
  • How does being mindful help us suffer less? 
  • How can we hold a space of compassion and love for each other? 
  • How do we cultivate Bodhicitta? 
  • Can we find a spiritual roadmap to live our lives by? 
  • Our greatest spiritual teachers are often the people in our lives we least expect.

"When we can see ourselves clearly, and trust in that, then we can trust everything else that’s coming toward us.” - Kim Fuller 

Links Mentioned:

"We can look at every experience we have as a lesson in being present.” - Kim Fuller 

Photo credit to Michele Quigley Photography - Lancaster, PA | michelequigley.com 
Kim posed for Michele Quigley's: Fabulous Over 50 photoshoot 

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