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Podcast Episode 13 Mark Greene: Remaking Manhood

Meet Mark Greene, founder of Remaking Manhood and Author of The Little #METOO Book For Men, The Relational Book For Parenting, and Remaking Manhood, Stories From the Front Line of Change. 

Join us in this episode as we soul-dive with Mark into the world of the Man-box culture and what it’s costing all of us to continue to perpetuate the stereotypes that brought us to this point. Listen as Mark deconstructs the current crumbling pillars of manhood in America and proposes how to rebuild our entire cultural perception by inviting more curiosity, conversation, self-forgiveness, and by teaching our boys and men to suspend certainty.
Most importantly, learn how we can become better parents and caregivers by raising our boys from an early age through the practice of relational parenting, and by busting the myths of a dominance-based version of masculinity.

"I have come to think of the idea of romance as a trance." - Monica Rodgers 

Show Notes:

  • Learn how to hold your space and not collapse into the emotions of others.
  • Processing emotionally with our partners and our children is the key to expanding our awareness. 
  • Can we grant others permission to have their emotions?  
  • As parents, we make change for our children that we would not make for ourselves.
  • Listening with curiosity is more helpful than to teach and tell when it comes to relating to our partners and our children. 
  • How can we be more human in our connections with others? 
  • Let's teach our children how to imagine another way to relate and understand. 
  • When men use 'sorry' as a weapon. 
  • We live the stories we tell and by reframing them, we can create better narratives that can shift our experience.
  • Men struggle to forgive themselves for being victims.

"We have to meet men and boys where they are and teach them that conversation is where we solve problems." - Mark Greene  

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