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Podcast Episode 12 The Power of Self-Forgiveness

Self-loathing is its own special kind of trauma. In this episode, I recall a story of finding self-forgiveness in the most unlikely of places, with my daughter in the epi-center of a huge parent fail!
Join us in this episode as Andrea and I unpack what happens and how, by not abandoning ourselves, we create access points for healing and self-forgiveness. 

"Self forgiveness can create a portal to retrieve pieces of ourselves." - Monica Rodgers

Show Notes:

  • We traumatize ourselves when we self-loathe
  • Our children offer us opportunities to be human and to own our mess. 
  • What happens when we dare to STAY with our human mess? 
  • Healing happens when we allow our emotions to move through us.
  • When we choose to stop escaping our humanity, we are able to see how precious we are in our intentions. 
  • When we don’t minimize our true feelings or anyone else’s feelings - it all gets to belong. 

"I was sitting in the hot snotty mess of my humanity." - Monica Rodgers

Links Mentioned:

"It’s an inside job before we can take it to the outside. It’s the internal reckoning" - Andrea Willets



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