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Podcast Episode 11 The Power of Witnessing Pt. 1

Today's episode is all about the power of witness.

Learn why "witnessing" and acknowledgment is such a simple yet profound tool for making the people in our lives feel seen and known.  When we truly feel seen by another human being we experience the true beauty of what intimacy and love is all about. 

Today, we talk about the distinctions between seeking validation and being witnessed by another. The importance of being able to receive acknowledgment from someone vs. run away from it. The true meaning of taking a stand and being a witness to incidents such as social injustice and what you can do, and who you can BE to model the change we all wish to see in the world. 


"Your job is to be present as a witness and receive what it is she wants to give." - Monica Rodgers

Show Notes:

  • What does it mean to witness someone? 
  • Why is it important and how does it serve? 
  • Where do you deflect instead of receiving the acknowledgment of another? 
  • How to be with others as a compassionate witness
  • Why our words are powerful
  • The power of being a witness to another human's pain, grief or trauma. 
  • How to show up when you see something unjust and how to be in the face of wrong-doing. 

"It takes being a present human being who is not asleep at the wheel of their life." - Andrea Willets


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