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Podcast Episode 10 Andrea Willets - A Love Story

On today's episode, we're turning the tables a little bit and Monica is interviewing Andrea.

We talk about Andrea's background and how she has harnessed self-love and makes her unapologetic presence in the world.

Andrea Willets grew up in a blended family with 9 kids. She talks about her upbringing, her relationship with her siblings, what it has been like to find and participate in The Revelation Project, how she has healed from codependency and more.

"In my childhood there was some real joy and some real struggle." - Andrea Willets

Show Notes:

  • What it's like to have a sibling with Down Syndrome
  • How to redefine relationships with siblings
  • How to love yourself
  • The importance of modeling
  • What is the Revelation Project
  • How to come out of a divorce
  • Why should we get curious
  • The importance of putting yourself first
  • How to heal from co-dependence
  • When Sorry, No More! began
  • How to lean into fear

"Vulnerability became my greatest strength." - Andrea Willets

Links Mentioned:

"I'm far more afraid of complacency, actually. Complacency will kill me." - Andrea Willets


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