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Podcast Episode 09 Sorry, No More! Notes From A Recovering Apology Addict

Hey! It's Andrea here.

On today's episode I'm riding solo, and I'm talking about saying SORRY.

I grew up saying "I'm sorry" all the time, maybe you did too. We overuse this word all the time, but is it actually a masking of other emotions?

If we uncover what is going on below the apology, we can reveal what actually needs healing.

Listen as I share about apologizing archetypes, what we might be covering up by saying "sorry", the guidelines for a proper apology, and more.

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"This overuse of 'I'm sorry' is the replacement for the real conversation." - Andrea Willets

 Show Notes:

  • When to apologize
  • What are the apologizing personality types?
  • What's at risk when we say "I'm sorry"
  • What are you apologizing for?
  • When to ask for forgiveness
  • How to apologize
  • What the guidelines for a proper apology are
  • What to do instead of apologizing

"We're so afraid that person might not meet us there, or might get angry, or might get hurt." - Andrea Willets


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