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Podcast Episode 08 Vanessa Ryerse - Upsetting the Trance of Unworthiness

We are so excited to have our guest, Vanessa Ryerse, on today's show with us!

We first connected with Vanessa after we heard her interviewed on The RobCast with Rob Bell. Monica reached out because what she heard Vanessa say took her breath away (more to be revealed in the episode!).

Vanessa was raised inside the purity culture in a fundamentalist Evangelical community where women couldn't become pastors or lead in churches. Vanessa is now an ordained pastor for a church she and her husband founded, Vintage Fellowship.

She joins us on the show as we talk about stepping into our power as women, connecting with our spirituality, the divine, faith, embracing anger, cultivating creativity and more.

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"It took a good 10 years, really, of even being in this really open space with people who were totally fine with who I wanted to be, for me to realize, 'oh, I'm allowed to step up. I'm allowed to have a voice'." - Vanessa Ryerse

Show Notes:

  • How playing small is a disservice to others
  • Why we give our power over to men
  • What is masculine and feminine energy
  • The role of women in church
  • How the narrative around god is changing
  • Why uncertainty is an essential part of faith
  • How to support women
  • How technology has empowered women in spirituality
  • Why embrace anger
  • How to awaken to our truth
  • Why making art is scary yet necessary

"It's not anti-men. It is just functioning in the world as an equal human being." - Vanessa Ryerse

Links Mentioned:

Facebook | Instagram | Vintage Fellowship

"It's so important for me to speak up because that needs to be modeled. People need to be able to see what it looks like." - Vanessa Ryerse


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