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Podcast Episode 07 What is Love?

Love means different things to different people, but love is an essential pillar of our relationships.

It turns out that when Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines love, it mostly defines sexual romantic love or "to feel something more than like". But for us, we want to take a deep dive into the different types of love that we experience.

How are you loving and how are you being loved? If you ask yourself this question, much will be revealed.

On today's episode, we talk about love languages and how we give and receive love.  We talk about love for friends, romantic love, the fluidity of love as an energy and much more.

In celebration of our podcast launch, Andrea and I would like to extend a special offer for $100 off our Loving Yourself Well online coaching circle.  Please go to jointherevelation.com and enter PODCAST100 at the checkout.

"Every living human being wants love and belonging." - Andrea Willets

Show Notes:

  • What is love
  • How different people give and receive love
  • What is the definition of love
  • What is your love language
  • The difference between love and belonging
  • What is the third entity
  • The role of love in relationships
  • How love is fluid
  • What it means to witness
  • The difference conditional or unconditional love
  • How to compromise
  • What is sacrifice
  • Why putting your needs first is important

"When one person is growing and the other one isn't, is it sustainable? I would argue yes." - Monica Rodgers


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