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Podcast Episode 04 The Importance of Boundaries

Today, we're talking about the art of setting boundaries.

Boundaries are at the heart of self love. When we set up healthy boundaries, we are respecting ourselves and showing everyone else how to be in relationship with us.

On today's show, we talk about what boundaries are, why intolerance and passive aggressiveness are clues that a person needs better boundaries, how our family illuminates our relationship with boundaries, and so much more.

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"If I'm withholding and not saying how I'm feeling then I'm actually jeopardizing not just my own integrity but the integrity of the relationship too.” - Andrea Willets

Show Notes:

  • What are boundaries
  • What self love looks like
  • How to set boundaries
  • What is should-ing
  • Why intolerance is a big clue
  • How to use your voice
  • Why we self-sacrifice
  • How to parent children
  • How to forgive yourself
  • Why boundaries are self-respect

"It is not selfish actually, it is about restoring the integrity that's meant to be there in order for us to serve ourselves so that we can serve others." - Monica Rodgers


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