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Podcast Episode 02 Vulnerability & Fear of Exposure

Welcome to episode 02 of The Revelation Project.

Today on the show, our co-host Monica will be talking about her recent "vulnerability hangover." She describes her dismay when it dawns on her that she wont be able to hide as much now that the podcast is live. She struggles to honor all the parts of herself in the face of overexposure, and shares what came up for her in this podcast launch and how her "mess became her message." 

We talk about why knowing your truth is important, what you can learn from difficult situations, how to show up authentically and much more. 

We hope you enjoy the show!

“So much of my past and history has actually so many disguised gifts that were traumatic frankly.” - Monica Rodgers

"How do I show up authentically with all of me? And be able to share all of me without offending someone along the way?" - Monica Rodgers

Show Notes:

  • How to deal with vulnerability
  • What is the Revelation Project
  • How to show up authentically
  • Why your truth is important
  • What you can learn from difficult situations
  • How to deal with fear

"As soon as I say it, it sets me free." - Monica Rodgers 


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